Rutherford Ernest – a joke – Clara from Daleszyce

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It will be a good fun to learn about great scientists from a humorous point of view too. So, here is the joke I have heard: Rutherford Ernest (Do you know him? – a great physicist from New Zealand) asked one of his hard-working students in the lab:

–          Do you work so hard every morning?”

–          Yes, every morning –  proudly answered the young man.

–          But when do you think? – asked the scientist

Greetings from Daleszyce!

Hello! I am Clara. We want to say that we are very happy to work together on this project. However, it isn’t easy to write on the inventions and discoveries. We must study new vocabulary, but it will help us understand English better. We will also promote our Polish inventors and scientists! So, we are ready to work. Greetings from Daleszyce!