Edmund Paweł Strzelecki by Paula Gucia, Zabór

Traveller, geologist and geographer; scientist of Australia, America; from 1853 a member of Royal Society in London. In 1834-43 he made some medical, geographical and geological discoveries.


Paweł Edmund Strzelecki

He was leading medical discoveries in USA and Kanada, there were discovered ex.  deposits  ore  copper (over  Lake Ontario); 1836-38 examin deposits in America South m.in. in Brazylii (Minas Gerais); there wasdiscovered gold in New South Wales.

Strzelecki maintained this discovery in secret on wish governor G. Gippsa, which feared a explosion of „gold fever’’;

1840 he first named a mountainSt. Kosciuszko in Australia  and discovered Land Gippsa; 1841-43 he was leading geological surveys in Tasmania.

Selected Writings (1960). Paul Edmund W. Słabczyński Strzelecki. Travel, discovery, work, Warsaw 1957; P.G. Clews Strzelecki’s Ascent of Mount Kosciuszko 1840, Melbourne 1973.

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