Lucien Rouzet

Lucien Rouzet was a physicist and a very famous fench inventor. He was born the 23 March 1886 in Dieuze, that’s in Lorraine, which is in the Noth-Est of France. He studies to get his electrical engineer degree. He died the 4 March 1948.


He created the radio system in 1912. He descorved that in his militery service. This invention was very important in the 1914-1918 war. It was made to keep discution with the aviators when they were far from the ground. The fact is that in 1914-1918’s war, not many french airplane had this new system. But, France provided lots of country (only Germany not). So, when England came to help France, they had this invention, who was decisive for victory.

Laters, Rouzet tried to do better, have a radio who could go further and keep longer discution. He continue his recherch till his death.

Florie, 3A ; Moutiers-les-Maufaits (France)