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The students of Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia


Diophantus of Alexandria

Diophantus of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician of the third century B.C. He is sometimes called “the Father of Algebra”. Diophantus was the first Greek mathematician who recognised fractions as numbers. He also made advances in mathematical symbols.

A creater on the moon has got its name from Diophantus.

Moon crater
 km diameter
2590 mt height walls
27.6N – 34.3W
Between west Imbrium sea and east Procellarum

Dark streaks in Diophantus crater

Elli Tzamakou, Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia




Euclid was a Greek mathematician. In our days he is known as the “Father of Geometry”. He was active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy. His name, “Euclid”, means “Good Glory” in English.

Elli Tzamakou, Grade 2,  2nd Junior High School of Paralia