Gustave Ponton d’Amécourt


 Gustave Ponton d’Amécourt was a French numismatist (it’s a person who studies currencies and medals) and an archeologist. He was born in 1825 in Paris  and he died in 1888. He was the president and the founder of the French society of numismatics. He mainly studied Merovingian Currency. He got the  medal of the legion of honor, given by the French president.


  His invention:

 He was the inventor of the helicopter. It’s also  him who had invented this word. (The word helicopter” appeared for the first time in 1861).

This inventor built with Gabriel de La Landelle a small prototype of steam power-driven helicopter.  The “expensive helix” created by him contributes to solve the problems of air navigation .


  My personal opinion :

 I think this invention was very useful to progress in diverse fields. 

 For example, to help people, the helicopter was very useful : for rescuers, it’s a revolutionary means of transportation. They can save people more quickly and in better conditions.

It’s also very useful for the army ans the navigation air.

 It’s one of the biggest inventions in History


 by Alex, France        


Joseph Cugnot, French inventor

Joseph Cugnot was a French military engineer who was born in1725 inVoid-Vacon (it is in the northeast of France) and died in1804 inParis. He studied mostly military inventions.

The invention :

Between 1769 and 1771, Joseph Cugnot invented  the first motor vehicle (the first car). At the beginning, he built it to move heavy artillery. His invention meets many problems (it goes into a wall…) this is why, later he stops working in the military domain and he continues his searches alone till his death. He didn’t get any award for his invention but his work stays in the memory of everybody.

My opinion :

The car evolves from day to day and now it is our main mode of transportation. Without cars, we couldn’t move on long distances. I believe his invention is an enormous progress for the humankind. To finish, I think that his invention changed the world and eased people to move

the first self-propelled vehicle