Henri Fabre – The hydravion (sea-plane)

1- Biography :


Henri Fabre was born on 29 November 1882, in Marseille and died at the age of 101 in1984, he was French. He studied at the University of Marseille, and then went on to study engineering at Supélec school (Paris). During four years Henri Fabre devoted himself to designing, testing and building his hydro-airplane (a plane designed to land on water). His job was to design seaplanes.

Henri Fabre stopped to concentrate on hydro-airplane construction to become an entrepreneur in machine building, he sold the hydro-airplane and built several copies.


2 – The invention :

On March 28, 1910, the first hydro-airplane to have flown is that of Henri Fabre. He flew 800 metres above the water. The hydro- airplane was designed to fly above the water and also to be able to land on water.

He didn’t receive any awards for his invention.

3 – My opinion :

Ithink the sea-plane is a good invention for  people because, they can fly on the water without having to take boat. The hydro-airplane is  faster than a small boat and is also more convenient because there are countries where there are many lakes. People don’t need an airport to land so it’s very handy for the transportation of goods in places where there are no airports but a lot of water.

Heloïse, Moutiers, France

Niecephore Niepce

              The Pyreolophore


Niecephore Niepce was born on March 7, 1765 in Chalon-sur-Saône and he died on July 5,1833. His real name was Joseph Niepce.

He was a pioneer of photography. In 1792 after his studies in the college of Oratiens in Angers,he decided to enlist in the army.

In 1798, Nicephore and his brotehr Claude decided to work on the pyreolophore.



In 1798, they worked on the development of an engine based on the dilatation of air.

In 1807, the pyreolophore will be the first sea-engine which works in explosion by means of a system with injection of gasoline.


With his brother, they worked on several projects,as the replacement of the hydraulic machine of Marly and the culture of the pastel to replace the indigo.

In 1816, after the invention of the pyreolophore, he began to work on the photography, alone and then he associated with Louis Daguerre.


Nowadays, Niepce is mostly famous for having invented the first photograph in 1825.


By  Chloé, France

Camembert by Marie Harel


Marie Harel was born on  28 April, 1761 at Crouttes, she is considered the inventor of the “camembert” cheese.  She married on May 10, 1785 in the city of Camembert to Jacques Harel, a laborer at Roiville A statue of Marie Harel is visible in Vimoutiers.



Camembert is a cheese with French cow milk, a soft white crust with salt, made in Normandy.

My Opinion :  

I think cheese is very good and important for gastronomy and for France because this cheese is very delicious and famous worldwide.

by Samuel, Moutiers, France

The shower, a French invention

French people are sometimes said to be reluctant to take showers, we find it very surprising given that the shower was invented by a French man, and believe us, we use his great invention daily!

François Merry Delabost was born on 29 August 1836 in Saint-Saire, in France and he died on 11 March 1918.

He was a surgeon at the hospital of Rouen from 1867 to 1883.

Director of the Preparatory School of Medicine and Pharmacy, he is known for having invented the shower in a prison, in Rouen.

He was a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1893 and he became president of the Academy of Sciences in 1897.

François Merry Delabost had the idea of inventing the shower because, he wanted to improve the hygiene of the prisoners.

Thanks to this invention people can wash and have hot or cold water, and hygiene conditions improved in Europe from then on.

By Mélissa, Moutiers, France

Eugène Poubelle


Eugène-René Poubelle (born Caen, France, 15 April 1831, died Paris 16 July 1907) was the man who introduced the dustbin, to Paris . He was a lawyer, administrator and diplomat who as préfet of the Seine region of France introduced hygiene measures in Paris to which a newspaper gave his name. He became very popular for introducing ‘the rubbish bin’ for everyone to use to put their waste in there.

By Enzo (with help from Wiki), Moutiers, France

Hecataeus of Miletus

Hecataeus of Miletus was an ancient Greek historian and author. He was born in 545 BC.

He travelled to many countries but he stayed in Egypt a lot. The historical and geographical knowledge he got from his travels he used to write books about the traditions of the various people he met.

Hecataeus’ map of the world

Sophie Axioti, Grade 3, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

Pythagoras of Samos

Pythagoras of Samos (580/572 BC – 500/490 BC) was an important Greek philosopher, mathematician and founder of the Pythagorean theorem. He is best known for this theorem, which was named after him.

He was born on the island of Samos.

Around 350 BC he moved to Croton, a Greek colony in southern Italy and there he set up a religious group. People believe that he died in Metapontum at a big age.

Angela Nikolaou, Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia




Thales of Miletus


Thales of Miletus (635/630 BC – 543 BC) was a pre-Socratic philosopher and one of the seven wise men of Greece.

He’s known for his grand knowledge and for his amazing ability to discover new things.

Thales tried to explain natural phenomena of the world without using mythology. He was also known for his successful prediction of the sun eclipse in 585 BC.

Angela Nikolaou, Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia