Henri Fabre – The hydravion (sea-plane)

1- Biography :


Henri Fabre was born on 29 November 1882, in Marseille and died at the age of 101 in1984, he was French. He studied at the University of Marseille, and then went on to study engineering at Supélec school (Paris). During four years Henri Fabre devoted himself to designing, testing and building his hydro-airplane (a plane designed to land on water). His job was to design seaplanes.

Henri Fabre stopped to concentrate on hydro-airplane construction to become an entrepreneur in machine building, he sold the hydro-airplane and built several copies.


2 – The invention :

On March 28, 1910, the first hydro-airplane to have flown is that of Henri Fabre. He flew 800 metres above the water. The hydro- airplane was designed to fly above the water and also to be able to land on water.

He didn’t receive any awards for his invention.

3 – My opinion :

Ithink the sea-plane is a good invention for  people because, they can fly on the water without having to take boat. The hydro-airplane is  faster than a small boat and is also more convenient because there are countries where there are many lakes. People don’t need an airport to land so it’s very handy for the transportation of goods in places where there are no airports but a lot of water.

Heloïse, Moutiers, France

2 responses

  1. Thank you so much for your presentation of the hydroplane Heloise! Yes, I agree with you that the hydroplane is a very useful invention for people who live near lakes or in remote islands. We used to have a hydroplane service here in Patra and we were very happy because we could be in the nearby islands of the Ionian Sea very quickly. But it was very noisy!

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