Niecephore Niepce

              The Pyreolophore


Niecephore Niepce was born on March 7, 1765 in Chalon-sur-Saône and he died on July 5,1833. His real name was Joseph Niepce.

He was a pioneer of photography. In 1792 after his studies in the college of Oratiens in Angers,he decided to enlist in the army.

In 1798, Nicephore and his brotehr Claude decided to work on the pyreolophore.



In 1798, they worked on the development of an engine based on the dilatation of air.

In 1807, the pyreolophore will be the first sea-engine which works in explosion by means of a system with injection of gasoline.


With his brother, they worked on several projects,as the replacement of the hydraulic machine of Marly and the culture of the pastel to replace the indigo.

In 1816, after the invention of the pyreolophore, he began to work on the photography, alone and then he associated with Louis Daguerre.


Nowadays, Niepce is mostly famous for having invented the first photograph in 1825.


By  Chloé, France

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