The shower, a French invention

French people are sometimes said to be reluctant to take showers, we find it very surprising given that the shower was invented by a French man, and believe us, we use his great invention daily!

François Merry Delabost was born on 29 August 1836 in Saint-Saire, in France and he died on 11 March 1918.

He was a surgeon at the hospital of Rouen from 1867 to 1883.

Director of the Preparatory School of Medicine and Pharmacy, he is known for having invented the shower in a prison, in Rouen.

He was a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1893 and he became president of the Academy of Sciences in 1897.

François Merry Delabost had the idea of inventing the shower because, he wanted to improve the hygiene of the prisoners.

Thanks to this invention people can wash and have hot or cold water, and hygiene conditions improved in Europe from then on.

By Mélissa, Moutiers, France

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