Our Comenius journeys: Italy (Puglia)

As holidays are coming, we would like to share and promote some photos from Italy. Comenius and eTwinning projects are great – they make us friends for ever. We also want to promote the beauty of Puglia – which is the region in the southern part of Italy. Look!


Zygmunt Puławski by Oskar Gromek

Paying Puławski

PUŁAWSKI ZYGMUNT was born October 24, 1901 in Lublin, and died March 21, 1931 in Warsaw. He was a Polish pilot and engineer, constructor of the air, the creator of a series of Polish fighters.

In 1920 he graduated from business school. In autumn 1920 he enrolled at Warsaw, where he worked in the Aviation Section of the Students of Mechanical Wheels, constructing gliders. In college he distinguished himself diligence, precision and technical expertise. Developed by the aircraft project in 1924 obtained a prize in the Ministry of Military Affairs. University of Technology and graduated in 1925.

On behalf of the Polish military authorities constructed a fighter PZL P.1.
Lobe of the line engine, which applied the wing at the fuselage and the wings folded in a form that allows for good visibility of the remote location. The second solution was to use scissors chassis in which the shocks were hidden in the hull, which allowed to reduce aerodynamic drag. At the turn of 1930 and 1931 Pulawski designed another line of his fighters: PZL P.8.