Inventive Art

Finishing our project we are sending you some other pictures made my our students. We can call them “Inventive Art” – there are a lot to be discovered even in Art. Greetings from Poland!!!

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Thank you Dear Friends for another wonderful project!

As John Paul II Gimnasium in Daleszyce in Poland we would like to thank you so much for another wonderful year of cooperation. This time about more technical things which agree with the European Union priorities. “Eureka” a great creative project, the students interesed in Science liked it very much. This is another project we did together. I would like to show you a presentation (in Polish) which is about the projects (most of them we did together). I suppose we will have a lot of innovative eTwinning projects together! Thank you so much!!!

Hevelius – some slides

Presentation of our project

Dear colleagues and classmates,

I presented our project to fellow teachers and parents at our end-of-school-year event organised at our school last Friday evening.

We worked really hard this year on a very demanding and interesting project and we are very proud of our work! We wanted everybody to know and we also wanted the parents and the rest of the teachers to meet you, as well.

We are very sorry for the poor quality of our photos! Our photographer was just an amateur and he used the zoom-in button on my cell phone a lot! Pls forgive us and enjoy. We hope we make you proud of our partnership, as well!

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Barbara Koziori, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

Our technological achievements!

Dear friends!

We worked really hard in our Technology lab this year and would like to show you what we have created!

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We exhibited them last Friday at an end-of-school-year event we organised for parents and teachers. Everybody liked them and we are very happy and proud!

We hope you like our work, too!


The students of Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia


Hello colleagues and classmates from Zabor!

We got your “Thank you” letter and material last week!

We are very happy to have worked with you once again and want to thank you so very much for your help and cooperation! We learnt so many things from you!


 We hope to be with you again next year!

We’re getting our exam results tomorrow and we’re very anxious. Please wish us luck!

We’re sure you did very well at school this year!

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your holidays!

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Barbara Koziori and the students of Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

Dionysis Simopoulos

Dionyssis Simopoulos was born in Ioannina, Greece, but he grew up in Patra.

He studied Political Communication and Astrophysics at the Departments of Government and Speech, Physics and Astronomy at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  During that period he received several awards and honours in various public speaking and debating competitions.

He started working in January 1968 as an Associate Curator, Assistant Director of Education and Planetarium Directorate at the Louisianna Arts and Science Centre in Baton Rouge as well as a Special Advisor to the Science Committee of the School Board (1970-1973).

He has attended many conferences and seminars and has published hundreds of articles in Greek and international magazines and newspapers. He was the President of the European Association for Astronomy Education and a member of the Executive Council of the International Planetarium Society. He was also the Secretary General of the European-Mediterranean Planetarium Association. Furthermore, he is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the International Planetarium Society, and a member of many other international scientific organizations.

In 1996 he received the highest honour of the International Planetarium Society for his contribution to the international stronomy education.

In 2006 he was honoured with the Palmes Academiques of the French Republic.

He has written more than 500 scripts and two sets of scripts for special video lessons on astronomy and space science for the Hellenic Ministry of Education, as well as a series of four cd-roms on astronomy. Finally, he has delivered hundreds of lectures on science and Astrophysics all over Greece.

Eugenides Planetarium

The dome of the Eugenides Planetarium in Athens

Since October 1972 works as a Director of the Eugenides Planetarium in Athens.

George Ritsikalis, Grade 2, Level 2, 2nd Junior High School of Athens

Nicolas Ambraseys


Prof. Nicolas Ambraseys

Nicolas Ambraseys studied Rural and Surveying Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He is a Greek professor of Engineering Seismology and the title of his thesis was ‘The seismic stability of earth dams’.

In his thesis he invented the idea of the Newmark’s sliding block method of analysis, which scientists use  to calculate the permanent displacement of soil slopes during an earthquake.

Professor Ambraseys founded and became the first chairman of the British National Committee of Earthquake Engineering.

Elli Tazmakou, Grade 2, Level 2, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

Uefa 2012 Opening match Poland vs Greece :)



This is the photo from opening of the stadium in Warsaw this year.

This Friday at 6 pm together with Greece we are opening Euro 2012. It will be perfect day 🙂

We all feel the atmosphere of that even, we have flags on cars, on our balconies, at home.

Do you celebrate this event in your countries?


Greetings from Zabór

UEFA 2012

Can you imagine?

In few days we are going to open this event!

I hope that all football matches will be perfect and wonderful shows to watch. I hope you will like them a lot.

Greetings from Zabór.



List of inventors/scientists

Hello everybody on “Eureka”!

Table of inventors and inventions

Here’s  a list we  put together of almost all the inventors and scientists we examined in our project.

Please have a careful look at it and complete it or change it.

We think that it would be very nice to have all the inventors/scientists and their achievements together in one place. What do you think?

Barbara Koziori and the students of Grade 2, 2nd Junior High School of  Paralia