Hello everybody!

We are the students of Salvador Espriu Primary School. The “Escola Salvador Espriu” is a State School of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia’s government). It was founded in November 1988

Here you can see: outside view with main door, inside view about big central space, the basketball playground and our school pet.

Some details about our school:
Name: Escola Salvador Espriu
Address: Carrer Reina Elisenda s/n

Zip code and city: 08915 Badalona
Phone: 93 465 05 61 Fax: 93 465 33 04

Principal: M. Antònia Canals i Paz
Number of teachers: 32 and pupils: about 400

We are a school open to the world. We have been involved in some EU “Comènius” programmes. We have worked together with schools from Holland, Norway, Germany and Hungary.We have been working on children’s literature in Europe and ecology and climate. We have also developed a “Lingua” project and an “Orator” project where ICT plays an important role. Last years we have been working in some Etwinning European Project with students of Poland, Greece, Slovakia and Turkey.

We are really happy to work together another year more. 

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  1. Our holidays were fantastic …We were at our hometown with our families…..

    P.S. Your school is excellent. 🙂

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