Inventive Art

Finishing our project we are sending you some other pictures made my our students. We can call them “Inventive Art” – there are a lot to be discovered even in Art. Greetings from Poland!!!

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Thank you Dear Friends for another wonderful project!

As John Paul II Gimnasium in Daleszyce in Poland we would like to thank you so much for another wonderful year of cooperation. This time about more technical things which agree with the European Union priorities. “Eureka” a great creative project, the students interesed in Science liked it very much. This is another project we did together. I would like to show you a presentation (in Polish) which is about the projects (most of them we did together). I suppose we will have a lot of innovative eTwinning projects together! Thank you so much!!!

Hevelius – some slides

Our Christmas present from Daleszyce

Dear friends,

Here we would like to show you our present for you. It’s an English lesson about Art connected with our previous project “My country through painting”. Ola is a teacher here, our English teacher is holding a camera and the class is a group of students from Class 3b. We promoted our eTwinning activities taking part in the Competition organised by the Polish Centre of Regional Education in Warsaw and The Goethe Institute. We got a distinction so we are very happy. We visited Warsaw – the capital of Poland. And here are some photos as well. We can say that our project was recognised in Poland and Europe, as it shows the lesson in LdL – learning by teaching, a good method. We hope you will like it. Greetings from Daleszyce!

Rutherford Ernest – a joke – Clara from Daleszyce

The photo from:

It will be a good fun to learn about great scientists from a humorous point of view too. So, here is the joke I have heard: Rutherford Ernest (Do you know him? – a great physicist from New Zealand) asked one of his hard-working students in the lab:

–          Do you work so hard every morning?”

–          Yes, every morning –  proudly answered the young man.

–          But when do you think? – asked the scientist

Greetings from Daleszyce!

Hello! I am Clara. We want to say that we are very happy to work together on this project. However, it isn’t easy to write on the inventions and discoveries. We must study new vocabulary, but it will help us understand English better. We will also promote our Polish inventors and scientists! So, we are ready to work. Greetings from Daleszyce!